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“Happiness is someone to love, something to do and something to hope for.”
— Anonymous Chinese Proverb

Whether you’re joyful, cheerful, chipper, blessed, tickled pink or upbeat here are some things to drink and some things we think just might keep you smiling…

 Happy enough to drink tea from a mason jar with your BFF?

Fill up your cup with ChaiJasmine Green or Rooibos herbal teas or choose from our hot, happy and organic teas from Twinings of London.

 Happy you have somebody to love?

You’ve got a friend in Medium Roast Buddy’s Blend from Cake Boss Coffee and in J.T.

 So happy you need a mountain to shout it out from?

 Happy that an Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi discovered coffee when he noticed his goats dancing after eating ripe coffee cherries?

From the Sound of Music, another lonely goatherd…

 And lastly, three yummy treats that rhyme with happy:

  1. Butter Toffee Coffee in K-Cups from Gloria Jeans
  2. Torani English Toffee Syrup happies-up almost any beverage!
  3. Happy Snapple Lemon Iced Tea

— how you arrived at happy —

You arrived at this I’m feeling happy collection page because you chose that feeling or one of these synonyms: blessed, cheerful, chipper, dandy, delightful, glad, gratified, joyful, jubilant, up, upbeat or tickled pink on the main page. If you have a suggestion for a sentiment or synonym we haven’t covered yet, please message us on Facebook or e-mail us in the feelings department.