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Fall in love with three Italians in under four minutes

— After an entire month of Lavazza in Torino, Nespresso in capsules and Napoli and other Vimeo shorts, here’s a four-minute read about three Italian hidden gems at

As is the case with most Italians, Dark Italian Roast from Eight O’Clock has a little extra sweetness, is a little less acidic and possibly even slightly more romantic than our Viennese Blend K-Cups or our French Roasts.

With its full body, heady chocolate and caramel decadence, what’s the worst that could happen if you fall in love with this Italian? Tell us all about it on Facebook (nicely.)

This night shift guy stocked up on the decaffeinated version of Barista Prima’s Coffeehouse Italian Roast because it’s full of all this:

  • balanced boldness
  • hints of ripe fruit and berries
  • smoky dark undertones
  • subtle sweetness and a clean-finish


  • caffeine
  • sleeping bags
Order 24 Decaf Barista Prima Italian Roast in just a few clicks

P.S. You can find more people who sleep at work on Flickr (none from Bermuda of course,) including this incredibly balanced guard on the Great Wall of China.

Nowhere even close to Tatler’s “side of Milan,” (Dubai,) our best, organic espresso blend RealCups hail from Jamaica’s Marley Coffee company.

Rohan and company say USDA Organic Lively Up! is a three-part harmony of dark chocolate, caramel and buttercream. It only sounds fattening!

Lively Up! RealCups are like an espresso world tour in a cup: Marley Jamaica, Dubai’s Tatler and Italy’s Angelo Moriondo, inventor of the first espresso machine in the late 1800s.

Get Jamaica, Dubai and Italy in 24 exquisitely sin-free Lively Up! RealCups

As a small coffee, tea and cocoa company on a tiny island in middle of the Atlantic:

  • we hope that some of our coffees have helped some of you rise and shine or stay on the ball at times when it mattered: like Monday mornings after Cup Match, new baby days and romantic, rescue or relative arrivals at L.F. Wade;
  • we think that countless cups of our black, green and herbal teas have calmed thousands new job jitters, healed broken hearts, strengthened new friendships and soothed old ones;
  • AND we’re certain that more than a few cups of our hot cocoa (with or without marshmallows) have warmed welcome hands and hearts on wet, windy winter days.

We also know that, as John E. Southard once said, “The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.” The Red Cross has helped many of us — here in Bermuda and overseas.

If you’d like to help the Bermuda Red Cross in its disaster relief efforts for the earthquakes in Italy and Nepal, the victims of the Bastille Day attacks in France or any other disaster relief effort visit the Bermuda Red Cross Disaster Appeals web page or message them on their Facebook page.

Visit the Bermuda Red Cross

We’re moving our #youcangettherefromhere Brew News stories, features and promotions to Austria next month.
Travel back in time to our Brew Nations from earlier this year:

Origin, other sources and thanks for this Brew News edition, “Fall in love with three Italians in under four minutes”:

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