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Apple Walnut Instant Oats from Modern Oats


Modern Oats’ Apple Walnut all-natural oatmeal is blended with whole rolled oats, apples and walnuts (they could have explained that with about half as many words).

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Actually, the rest of their story about these lonely little Oregonian oats isn’t much better… “Late for the flight and don’t have time for breakfast? Ditch the soggy, fat-filled airport alternatives, and jump on the plane knowing you packed your favourite blend of whole rolled oats, Washington state apples, and California Walnuts. Sit back, relax, and watch the sunrise.”

All of us at Convenience Coffee and your mom know that you know this is better for you than that Mars bar you have in your desk drawer (okay – half a Mars bar – whatever). And you certainly don’t need to go all the way to the airport and through security just to sit in your jet watching the sunrise to eat this stuff. It’s good and you can make it with one of our single-cup brewers.

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