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Colombian Fair Trade Select from Green Mountain


Green Mountain sources coffees for Colombian Fair Trade Select from cooperatives high in the mountains of Southwestern Colombia. Prominent among these is the Cooperative Association of Southern Cauca (COSURCA).

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As if growing exceptional coffee weren’t challenge enough, farmer members of COSURCA have faced a number of threats to their livelihood, such as the ever-present threat from armed extremists groups who would have their land for illegal coca and poppy production. Even in the face of such opposition, COSURCA farmers have themselves eradicated more than 500 acres of coca production, destroyed 17,000 coca plants, and ended cultivation of illegal crops on another 1800 acres… steps that were possible only with the additional revenue that Fair Trade coffee sales provided.

Additionally, COSURCA members are:

  • Protecting the environment: Organic coffee production is a 100-year tradition in the Cauca region. Today that tradition is augmented with technical training in organic agriculture and ecologically-friendly farming methods.
  • Establishing food security: Cooperative funds have made it possible to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables for home consumption.
  • Developing organic composting programs:reducing waste and generating all-organic fertilizer.

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