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4 Ways to get an Austrian Coffee in Bermuda

Get an Austrian coffee in Bermy … way #1 … drop by 10 Harvey Road.

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Herwig, our new chief yodeller is Austrian and if you drop by the Convenience Coffee showroom and warehouse at 10 Harvey Road in Paget weekdays, talking him into buying you a coffee is a piece of cake — a piece of Sachertorte — Austria’s national chocolate cake, to be exact.

You can also probably count on him or Kevin Rogers, (Convenience Coffee’s un-yodelling man about sales) to recommend one of our uber-fast, single-cup Keurig brewers or maybe even one of our new Lavazza LB Compact espresso makers (shown below,) all of which are designed to make great coffee and espresso at work or at home. And we deliver all our brewers and everything you can brew with them, anywhere in Bermuda, absolutely free.

Lavazza Compact espresso maker

These space-saving Lavazza brewers make exquisite Italian espresso faster than you can say “incredibile,” so you can make a Viennese coffee just like Caffè Poli in this one minute Vimeo video.

Magical Viennese Coffee Ingredients

The basics

  • strong coffee
  • whipped cream
  • chocolate sprinkles
  • cinnamon
  • coffee beans

Caffè Poli ingredients translated from Italian in the video — serves four

  • 4 caffe lunghi ben caldi = 4 fresh, hot servings of espresso or other strong coffee
  • 4 cucchiai di zucchero = 4 teaspoons of sugar
  • panna montata = whipped cream
  • cannella in polvere = cinnamon

Viennese Coffee Directions

  • Brew an espresso or coffee a little stronger than you would ordinarily choose
  • Add sweetener (or not)
  • Add warmed milk (or not — see Peter Giannakis’ video below)
  • Pipe fresh or canned whipped cream on top
  • Garnish with chocolate sprinkles, cinnamon and/or coffee beans
  • Serve to someone you love — even you — and even if you’re not Austrian
  • Have teaspoons at the ready for whipped-cream-aholics
  • Prepare for oohs and ahhs
  • Repeat as necessary

Even if you don’t have an espresso-specific brewer you can create great-tasting, whipped-cream topped Austrian coffee experience with any of our K-Cup blends from Lavazza, Starbucks (except maybe their Breakfast Blend) or Gevalia.

Making a Viennese coffee is just one way to make choosing from about a hundred K-Cup varieties at a little easier PLUS you can make someone’s day, coffee break, Sunday morning or after dinner dessert coffee — mouthwateringly-magical.

Give it a shot and send us a pic or a post on Facebook.

Way #2 to get an Austrian coffee in Bermy: Pretend UR in LA

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Pretend you’re in Beverly Hills at the world-famous Austrian chef’s signature restaurant Spago at 176 North Canon Drive — and brew a cup of Rodeo Drive.

Rodeo Drive by Wolfgang Puck

All of Wolfgang Puck’s coffees are blended from naturally-grown beans from small estates — none of them on Rodeo Drive.) This is a premium medium-roast coffee at an un-premium price (unless you want it delivered in a Bentley.)

If you can figure out how much a coffee costs at Spago, post it on the Convenience Coffee Facebook page anytime in September, 2016 and we’ll deliver a carton of WP coffee right to your door for free, like everything else we deliver — for free.

Order Rodeo Drive

Way #3 to get an Austrian coffee in Bermy: go Jamaican Crazy

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Risk of Cost:
Chance of Sleep:
Chance of Pokemon:

Pretend the charming, handsome and incredibly rich chef (read “The Puck Stops Here” for more on how well off he is) has come all the way to the rock and is serving you, you guessed it:

Jamaican Me Crazy by Wolfgang Puck

The only thing that even comes close to this great-tasting, fun, coconut-AND-vanilla flavoured rich coffee is our seasonal Fair Trade Certified Island Coconut.

Order Jamaican Me Crazy

#4: The Vienn-easiest way to get an Austrian coffee in Bermy

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Risk of Cost:
Chance of Sleep:
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This dark roast blend from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Company has less caffeine than its medium and light-roasted cousins but a rich, full, musical flavour like the world-renowned city from which it takes its name.

Viennese Blend by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Company

Like others from France, Italy and Spain, beans that are roasted in the Vienna (or “continental”) style are darker than even “full city roasts” so your experience of this brew will be even more a result of the process than of the beans’ birthplace…adding whipped cream makes it a symphony!

Order Viennese Blend
Shop Brew Nations: Austria Collection

Origin, other sources and thanks for this Brew News edition, “4 Ways to get an Austrian Coffee in Bermuda”:

  • Thanks to Caffè Poli, in Treviolo, Italy on Vimeo for the sweet Viennese coffee recipe

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