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about the I’m feeling collections

The idea for our collections, in particular our I’m Feeling series, bubbled up from the brainstorming we did when we were creating the “About Convenience Coffee” page for our yummy new website.

We witness it almost daily as we deliver hot and cold beverages all over the island — Bermudians and expats enjoying one another’s company; at work, at home, in stores, at car boot sales and all the years we were the “hottest” ticket in town at the Coldwell Banker Home Show — from back in the days of Number One Shed to the new digs at Cedarbridge. Here’s part of what we came up with to try to describe to you (and to ourselves) who we are:

we think the statistics that really matter are the ones that measure how our beverages make you feel on that first date, at a tea party, with your kids or grandkids and hot mugs of hand-warming cocoa, on shakin’ and movin’ Monday mornings, lazy Sunday mornings and sultry Saturday afternoons.

…read more on our About and Crew pages

This “Collections” idea has taken on a life of its own: we’re working on compilations and gaggles and clusters for all manner of commonly occurring feelings and their synonyms — all the way from happy to meh and not-so-much.

If you like how our products or service have made you feel, please write us a Google review, or, if you’re feeling a little too busy for that, just pay that nice feeling forward and buy someone a cup of coffee. Need a little inspiration? Huffington Post called this 2 minute, “Kindness is Contagious” video, “A stroke of genius.”