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The Crew

Get up close and personal with the crew: fun facts, favourites, direct lines & some cell numbers are next to our mugshots.
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Favourite holiday: National Day of Listening (November 29)
Favourite sport or hobby: Telephone Tag
Favourite dog or cat: Tigger
Favourite show: The Pursuit of Happyness
Favourite food: Chocolate Chip Anything
Favourite song or artist: six-three-four-five-seven-eight-nine(Blues Brothers)
Favourite athlete: Stephen Curry
Favourite place in Bermuda: Halfway between Somerset & St. George’s
Favourite place overseas: Torino, Italy
Favourite coffee or tea: Breakfast Blend from Green Mountain
Favourite brand: Swiss Miss
Best thing about weekends: They’re caffeine-free!


Favourite holiday: Embrace Your Geekness Day (July 13)
Favourite sport or hobby: Cup Match
Favourite cat or dog: Snoopy
Favourite show ever: Home Improvement
Favourite food: Nuts N’ Bolts
Favourite song or artist: Collie Buddz
Favourite athlete: Nahki Wells
Favourite place in Bermuda: Pick a beach — any beach!
Favourite place overseas: Dunkin’ Donuts
Favourite coffee or tea: Hazelnut from Dunkin’ Donuts
Favourite brand: Dunkin’ Donuts
Best thing about weekends: What are weekends?


Favourite holiday: Neither Rain Nor Snow Day (September 7)
Favourite sport or hobby: Mountain Bike Chariot Racing
Favourite cat or dog: Santa’s Little Helper
Favourite show ever: Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner
Favourite food: Take out
Favourite song or artist: It Keeps You Runnin’ (Doobie Brothers)
Favourite athlete: Usain Bolt
Favourite place in Bermuda: Railway Trail
Favourite place overseas: Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Favourite coffee or tea: revv® from Green Mountain
Favourite brand: Hurricane Coffee
Best thing about weekends: No Deliveries


Favourite holiday: Everything you do is Right Day (March 16)
Favourite sport or hobby: Rubik’s Cube
Favourite dog or cat: Odie
Favourite show: Deliverance
Favourite food: Organic Popcorn with Sea Salt from Deep River
Favourite song or artist: The Box (Randy Travis)
Favourite athlete: Arantxa King
Favourite place in Bermuda: Irresistible Island
Favourite place overseas: Box Springs, Georgia
Favourite coffee or tea: Sleepytime!
Favourite brand: Celestial Seasonings
Best thing about weekends: Fishcakes


Favourite holiday: All bank holidays
Favourite sport or hobby: Bingo and Juggling
Favourite cat or dog: Deputy Dawg
Favourite show ever: Other People’s Money
Favourite food: Low Fat
Favourite song or artist: If I Had a Million Dollars
Favourite athlete: Michael Jordan
Favourite place in Bermuda: Trunk Island
Favourite place overseas: Banks Island
Favourite coffee or tea: MINT Green Organic Tea from Twinings
Favourite brand: Skinnygirl
Best thing about weekends: Cutting the lawn


Favourite holiday: Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk Day (February 11)
Favourite sport or hobby: Flying
Favourite cat or dog: Garfield
Favourite show ever: RED 2
Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite song or artist: Michael Bublé
Favourite athlete: Víctor Cruz
Favourite place in Bermuda: Point Finger Road
Favourite place overseas: J.F.K.
Favourite coffee or tea: S’mores Hot Cocoa from Torani
Favourite brand: Newman’s Own
Best thing about weekends: New York


Favourite holiday: Fun at Work Day (January 28)
Favourite sport or hobby: Hiking
Favourite dog or cat: Hobbes
Favourite show ever: Sound of Music
Favourite food: Sachertorte
Favourite song or artist: Charlee
Favourite athlete: Wilt Chamberlain
Favourite place in Bermuda: Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse
Favourite place overseas: Salzburg
Favourite coffee: ¡Tierra! Espresso by Lavazza BLUE
Favourite brand: Lavazza
Best thing about weekends: Kids


Favourite holiday: Be Bald and Be Free Day (October 14)
Favourite sport or hobby: Origami
Favourite cat or dog: Brian
Favourite show ever: Braveheart
Favourite food: Mad Men
Favourite song or artist: Anyone but John Denver
Favourite athlete: John Daly
Favourite place in Bermuda: John Smith’s Bay
Favourite place overseas: Tasmania
Favourite coffee: Emeril’s Big Easy Bold from Timothy’s
Favourite brand: Tim Hortons
Best thing about weekends: Fridays