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Cape Verde Decaf 2.2 oz ground, drip coffee from Hurricane


Farmers have cultivated coffee on the slopes of Pico do Fogo, a volcano on conveniently-named Fogo Island, A.K.A. “Ilha do vulcão” in the south of the Cape Verde archipelago for hundreds of years.

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Don’t know where Ilha do vulcão is? Here are a few clues:

  • It’s not the island off the coast of Newfoundland and most of the Cape Verdeans there don’t know the words to I’s the B’y. Want to know how we know that? Ask us on Facebook!
  • They’re supposed to speak Portuguese but they actually speak Creole (kinda like we’re supposed to speak English but we speak Bermewjan.)

Don’t care? Convenience Coffee has this divine, decaf, dark-chocolatey-ish creation in frac packs and we’ll happily deliver it right to your door (but not if you live in Cape Verde) for free* no matter what language you speak. Even Danish!

The Hurricane Coffee Company supports the world’s largest disaster relief organization, the Red Cross, by donating 3% of its coffee sales annually.

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