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Colombia El Niño 2.2 oz ground, drip coffee from Hurricane


Almost every line of ground coffees has a medium roasted Colombian in it, and that's a good thing because there are a lot of very satisfied coffee lovers who love that place — somewhere between light-roasted decafs and full-speed-ahead espresso. Colombia El Niño is that — a great, well-balanced, 100% Colombian Highland blend from Hurricane for everyday.

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We can’t explain how it got the name, El Niño. “Estar como una cabra,” we think! And you might want to take the company’s claim that “each bean is hand-picked” as more of a philosophy than a guarantee. Otherwise it has our 100% Bermudian Highlands seal of approval.

The Hurricane Coffee Company supports the world’s largest disaster relief organization, the Red Cross, by donating 3% of its coffee sales annually.

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