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Espresso Famiolia (Deluxe Home Model) from Lavazza BLUE


Two things are going to happen to you when you experience Lavazza’s new Home Espresso & Cappuccino machine:

(1) Your friends are going to think you’ve just graduated from Barista training.
(2) Your command of Italian is going to markedly improve.

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Grab your cup, insert your favourite Lavazza espresso, tea or soup capsule and turn the handle and PRESTO!

Perfect for use in your home, apartment, or small office!

Lavazza’s BLUE “Famiolia” (model LB 1110) makes perfect espresso every time, and reduces waste and clean-up.

Everything about it is stylish and practical: from the water tank, to the used capsule container, the LED displays and the steam pipe.

Simply place your cup on the tray, drop your favorite Lavazza BLUE capsule in the upper chute and turn the handle to the right. Return the handle to its vertical position to stop delivery of your beverage whenever you want. Turn the handle to the left to foam milk with the provided steam wand and prepare delicious cappuccinos and lattes. Spent capsules are automatically ejected in a collecting drawer with no mess. A sensor informs you when the drawer should be emptied.

The manual steam wand lets you froth and steam milk with ease for macchiatos, cappuccinos and lattes.</p.

The compact Lavazza BLUE LB1110 home and small office brewer was designed by Pininfarina, the same company that designs Alfa Romeos and Ferraris.

It features:

  • Drawer capacity: up to 14 capsules
  • LED display
  • Two cup racks (small and large cups)

If you happen to have (a) throngs of thirsty Italian friends or (b) a not-so-small office (with our without Italians) or (c) a hospitality enterprise with a discerning (espresso maniac or not) clientele you need a Lavazza BLUE office and hospitality brewer.