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Nuts & Seeds Instant Oats from Modern Oats


Who knew they are nuts enough in Oregon to grow hazelnuts? Well they are and they do and they put them and some other yummy-sounding in with some whole grain oats, flax seeds, almonds and hemp seeds. (NOT THOSE KINDS OF HEMP SEEDS!)

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Their website says that if your boss is driving you nuts it’s perfectly normal to grab a cup of Modern Oats (any one will do) and take a two hour break down at the local zoo.

That’s Oregon for you: hazelnut and zoo lovers as far as the eye can see.

Fast Forward to Bermuda – you might want to check with someone in HR whenever you get a whacked idea like that – as in don’t even go near the aquarium with instant oatmeal or you and your oats are gonna find yourselves going down the road kickin’ a can.

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