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Ricco Espresso by Lavazza BLUE


“Strong but mellow”

— says Lavazza about this blend of top-quality Brazilian Arabica (40%), and Asian Robusta beans (60%).

Want to know what that particular Arabica/Robusta mix does for the taste and other characteristics of Ricco? Here's a short and interesting 6-point article by Joseph Rivera at titled “Differences between Arabica and Robusta Coffee”.

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Lavazza Ricco espresso capsules present a creamy and full-bodied blend with a liquory, chocolaty flavour. The special roasting process and innovative brewing system yields a dense, rich espresso with chocolaty notes, a persistent aftertaste and an excellent body.

Lavazza BLUE Ricco capsules are specially designed to work with Convenience Coffee’s Lavazza BLUE espresso brewers.

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