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Tim’s Coffee Variety Pack from Tim Horton


If you have only one job to do
and it's order more coffee
get some of these 36-packs from Timmies.

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  • 12 Tim Hortons Original Blend RealCups: There’s something magical about this coffee that turns anyone who drinks it into a nice person (in rare instances they start ending sentences with “eh” like Canadians).
  • 12 Tim Hortons Dark Roast RealCups: Some dark roasts miss the mark. This one doesn’t. It is the leader of this 36-pack!
  • 12 Tim Hortons French Vanilla RealCups: 50% real and 50% artificial vanilla, 100% Arabica beans but not 100% French, but hey, neither are Canadians!

… job well done!

… need a delicious decaf to round out the mix? Tim Hortons Original Blend DECAF



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