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Shopping Securely: 2048 bits at a time

2048 Bits: If you’re a programmer you know what 2048 Bits means. If you’re not:

  • 2048 indicates the level of a site’s security signatures (higher numbers are better)
  • 2048 is the same level of encryption that PayPal currently uses
  • 2048 is the average number of parts that are usually missing from an Ikea kitchen

As part of‘s upgrades to system performance and security on September 21, 2015, Convenience Coffee security certificates are now signed using Security Hash Algorithm 2 (SHA-2) and 2048-bit signatures.

No, you don’t have to change anything but we do recommend using the most recent version of browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

100% chance of clouds: Akamai cloud technology provides Convenience Coffee with a superior level of reliability, as it reduces Internet bottlenecks (not the bottlenecks you find on Bruce Cost REAL GINGER Ginger Ale… more like South Road M-F morning bottlenecks), mainland fibre optic cable cuts and other kinds of hiccups (but not coughs due to colds.)

It’s all good. We proactively managed this before the official 2016 implementation. Find out almost everything you ever wanted to know about Akamai except how to pronounce it.

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